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This site is still trying to comply with the law concerning the protection of personal data and to ensure the accuracy, confidentiality and security under the management system necessary.
1. About personal information
Personal information is the information that can specify the individuals such as the name, address, phone number, E-Mail address and so on.
2. Collection of personal information
We obtain properly the personal data of users under his consent, and not obtain that in unauthorized way without his agreement, for example.
3. Protection of personal information
The personal data we receive from inquiry form we manage properly taking preventive measure of the unauthorized access, falsification and leakage. We don't offer this personal data to any third person.
4. Security management of personal information
We take rational safety measures to prevent trouble such as the unauthorized access to personal data that we held, lost, falsification, leakage etc.
5. Reference, correction and handling of personal information
In case that user himself wants to request the reference or correction of his personal data, we must reply immediately and to request of stop handling his personal data, we respond as unregistration process and cease sending direct message for example.
6. Compliance
We comply with the law concerning the protection of personal information.
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